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Baker Ripley and Adriana Villarreal

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My journey at BakerRipley East Aldine Campus and BakerRipley started with a simple introduction with the logistic manager Ms. Adriana Villarreal who has always remained on top of my success storyline. Mombasa Street EATS and its expansion opportunities are measured by selfless individuals like her. It is rare to find people who will commit their time and give you their ALL to see you achieve your dream and thrive. True leadership examples are found at BakerRipley they work with you and make sure you’re not alone! I feel so blessed for such an amazing individual as Chef Zayn I have been through storming life and sometimes as a female and a women-owned small business I felt frustrated and Ms. Villarreal I thank you for everything you have been through my 2 years inside the community centre BakerRipley that has given me the most opportunity of learning and advancement with BakerRipley Entrepreneur Connection. Kindness is giving hope to those who feel alone, kindness is not what you do but what you are! Thank you so much, Ms. Villarreal