Our Menu

Mombasa Street Eats

All our dishes are accompanied by garlic &  ginger

Goat Pilau

Savory basmati rice with chunky goat meat flooded with aromatic herbs & Spices of cumin cardamom cinnamon sticks clove black pepper and garlic ginger paste and onions

Goat Biryani

Invite yourself to a royalty  of a saffron basmati rice layered with  with goat meat with savory herbs and spices cooked with sour creme and onions with garlic and ginger

Coconut rice

Cherish a moment of Swahili flavors in this coconut rice authentic memoir

Saffron Rice

Experience a tastefully light floral saffron Rice


Beef / Chicken / Veggies Pasty shell stuffed with exotic flavors incorporated ground beef or chicken or veggies


Mouth watering kebobs incorporated with cumin powder black pepper and corriandre seeds crushed red onions tomatoes salt and garlic ginger

Beef Curry

Baby cow meat soft and tender delicately seasoned for the perfect taste buds

Goat Curry

This special goat curry is blended with spices …

Dreamy Coconut Chicken

Dreamy coconut creme chicken awaken by Swahili flavors ….

Dreamy Coconut Spinach

Chopped spinach incorporated by virgin olive oil with slices of red onion touch by a Swahili flavor of coconut creme

Let's investigate impasta

Baked  pene pasta layered with ground beef drizzle with white cream sauce

Chicken Croquettes

Shredded chicken flavorfully incorporated with spices cinnamon garlic and ginger black pepper cumin powder and coriander powder breaded and deep fried

Flat pastry shell with ground beef

Ground Beef uniquely filled in a flat pastry shell pan toasted mouth watering flavors

Lentil soup with light coconut creme

Drink up Swahili flavored lentil soup with light coconut creme savor the flavorble  moment

Kidney beans with coconut creme

Bean up with kidney beans cooked with coconut creme sauce

Whole Fish fry

A sizzling of Mombasa Street Eats fried fish Tilapia served with side of onion and tomato salsa / or a salad bowl with some potato fries

Masala fries

Zesty hot and spicy fries seasoned with tomato sauce and fresh chopped green pepper and chopped red onions

Beef Cutlets

Execusite beef cutlets made with mash potato breaded and stuffed with flavorful ground beef breaded and deep fried

Swahili lime and chilly potato

Mouth watering Swahili chilly like potatoes coated in chic pea fluor