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When Houston decides to show up they really do !!! This one was so special when the amazing community leaders this past Friday Tammi Wallace with Greater Houston LGBT Chamber of Commerce Member Group gave us the first opportunity to showcase our cuisine Chef Zayn with Mombasa Street EATS with her drive and compassion about serving meals and introducing the Swahili culture to the Houstonians was an exceptionally great experience, this event went to the next level and gave Houstonians an experience of what a taste of Swahili Kenya and African soul food is like. Chef Zayn in her own words ” I’m so excited about the movement I am in and the opportunities you’ve all shared with me. I have to thank my Mentor Willy Verbrugghe at SCORE Mentors who never left my side even during my toughest times and when I have felt every frustration as a female mother and a women-owned small business minority, In the world of all crises I am still able to function! I thank you for sharing with me this precious moment that I will cherish forever. Mombasa Street Eats is not standing by itself it’s winning with the big support of BakerRipley East Aldine Campus BakerRipley BakerRipley Entrepreneur Connection and the East Aldine District who have nurtured and strongly supported my vision. I’m ready for more let’s do it Houston! One meal at a time Thank you so much for the love ❤️ it was definitely a fantastic event and going in memory lane the making of the Premier Swahili Bistro inside Houston City and National! Mombasa on the Map inside town and USA 🇺🇸 Thank you Sesh Coworking space my new friends and partners you’ve shared such quality and priceless opportunities.