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Chef Zayn Has Created “Mombasa Street Eats” America’s First Swahili Cuisine

Did Medy’z start off with a business plan? Or did it naturally happen?

It naturally happened.

During the pandemic last year in 2020, what type of difficulties did you face as a business owner?

The challenge of not being able to reach out to any society or share any samples I was limited in every aspect of having a drive-through not able to be physically around people who could possibly be my client with the giant as my opposition I was inspired again to rise like a phoenix and create a new opportunity to produce frozen entrees.

What keeps you motivated in your day-to-day schedule?

The desire to meet other people’s needs.

What tips can you give our readers who may want to start a business of their own in the food industry one day?

Good food keeps the soul alive. Humans live on food everyone needs good taste buds.

What is your own ultimate personal dream?

A desire to be known as a legacy of a renowned chef and a successful wife and mother.

What is one quote you live life by?

I desire to breathe integrity.

Please tell our readers about your event on May 1st! We’ve heard it was a smash hit!

The world witnessed the birth of MOMBASA STREET EATS It was not a maybe… but it was May 1 and the first MOMBASA STREET EATS NATIONWIDE.